BitBox 16GB RAM DDR4 3200MHZ 1.2V Desktop Memory

The 16GB RAM DDR4 3200MHz 1.2V desktop memory is a powerful component for desktop computers. With a capacity of 16 gigabytes, it enables smooth multitasking and efficient data handling. Operating at a high speed of 3200 megahertz, it ensures fast and responsive performance. The low voltage requirement of 1.2 volts makes it energy-efficient. Upgrade your system with this memory module to enhance overall speed and performance.

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    Product Highlights:

    • Capacity: 16GB of memory allows for efficient multitasking and handling memory-intensive applications.
    • DDR4 Technology: DDR4 offers faster data transfer rates and lower power consumption compared to older DDR3 memory.
    • Speed: Operating at 3200MHz, the RAM provides high-speed data access, enhancing overall system performance.
    • Low Voltage: Operating at 1.2V reduces power consumption and heat generation, contributing to energy efficiency and system stability.
    • Compatibility: Designed for desktop computers, ensuring compatibility with most modern motherboards and processors.
    Bitbox 16GB RAM


    Bibox Random Access Memory (RAM): Unleashing Performance with DDR4 Technology

    Bibox is renowned for its cutting-edge computer components, and our Random Access Memory (RAM) modules are one of them . The Bibox DDR4 RAM modules offer exceptional performance and reliability, making it an excellent choice for enhancing your computer’s capabilities.

    Type: DDR4
    Bibox DDR4 RAM modules harness the power of DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) technology, the latest standard in computer memory. DDR4 brings significant advancements over its predecessors, including enhanced speed, power efficiency, and data transfer rates. With Bibox DDR4 RAM, you can experience a remarkable boost in multitasking capabilities and faster data processing, ultimately elevating your overall system performance.

    Frequency: 2666/3200 MHz
    Bibox DDR4 RAM is available in two impressive frequency options: 2666 MHz and 3200 MHz. The frequency represents the speed at which the RAM operates, with higher frequencies providing faster data transfer rates. Whether you opt for the 2666 MHz or 3200 MHz variant depends on your specific system requirements. The 2666 MHz option delivers exceptional performance for most applications, while the 3200 MHz variant offers even higher data transfer rates, making it ideal for resource-intensive tasks like gaming or demanding applications.

    Capacity: 16GB
    Bibox DDR4 RAM modules boast an impressive capacity of 16GB. The RAM capacity determines the amount of data your system can store and access simultaneously. With a spacious 16GB capacity, Bibox DDR4 RAM provides ample memory for demanding computing tasks, such as high-definition content creation, intensive multitasking, and gaming. This capacity empowers your system to handle complex operations and ensures smooth performance even under heavy workloads.

    Form Factor: UDIMM
    Bibox DDR4 RAM modules feature the UDIMM (Unbuffered Dual Inline Memory Module) form factor. UDIMM modules are widely used in consumer desktop computers due to their compact size and standardized design. The UDIMM form factor ensures easy installation and compatibility with various motherboards, making Bibox DDR4 RAM versatile and hassle-free to integrate into your existing or new system.

    Voltage: 1.2V
    Bibox DDR4 RAM operates at a low voltage of 1.2V. This low voltage requirement contributes to improved power efficiency and reduced heat generation, translating into energy savings and optimized system stability. By operating at a low voltage, Bibox DDR4 RAM not only lowers power consumption but also enables reliable performance, even during prolonged computing sessions.

    Overall, Bibox DDR4 RAM modules are the epitome of performance and reliability. Featuring DDR4 technology, impressive frequency options (2666/3200 MHz), a substantial capacity of 16GB, UDIMM form factor, and low voltage requirement (1.2V), Bibox DDR4 RAM ensures an exceptional computing experience. Whether you engage in heavy multitasking, content creation, or immersive gaming, Bibox DDR4 RAM empowers your system to handle demanding tasks with ease, delivering the speed and efficiency required for optimal performance.

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